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Custom AI Chatbot

Train a custom chatbot using the resources available on your website and offer your customers quick and accurate information about your products and services 24/7. 

The chatbot will efficiently respond to inquiries, providing an exceptional customer experience and resulting in increased customer loyalty. 

A chatbot is an effective and convenient way to engage with your customers and enhance their overall experience with your business.

Web Bot AI bot creation canvas
web bot ai chat widget
web bot ai knowledge bases and resources

Instruct bots to use your data

Add data from any source

Power your bot with data from across your business, and external sources.



We will analyze your website and custom data

We will design and build your Website AI Chatbot

We will test and Integrate the AI Chatbot to your Website

Our team will customize a chatbot for your needs, incorporating your unique data and deploying it seamlessly onto your website.

We’ll take every detail and requirement into account, enhancing your website’s functionality and user experience.

Don’t waste time figuring it out yourself – let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business.

 Why Web Bot AI?

Add your ChatGPT powered chatbot to your website.

knowledge base sources
web bot ai kb source.png

Data Sources

Train your chatbot using your website's content, support docs, knowledge base, PDF's tables, Web Search, custom text and any open URLs of your data.


Personalize your chatbot to match your company's style and identity by changing its name, colors, avatar, logo and size of the chatbot.

customizable web bot ai
web bot ai custom ai chatbot
install ai chatbot widget by web bot ai

Easy To Install

Our expert team makes integration easy, so elevate your website's user experience today with ChatGPT - the ultimate solution for customer service.

Get your AI Chatbot in under 15 min.


Talk to us

Super fast and awesome chatbot

I love the Web Bot AI chatbot and its team. They are super smart and they know what they are doing.


Benjamin Joseph

Technology Services & Solutions

In Affiliation with the Industry's best Chatbot Builders and Technology Partners

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